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Friday, 22 November 2019
24 Heshvan 5780
Title: Nirkoda Ba'Kerem
Where: Wonder Valley Ranch Resort & Conference Center 6450 Elwood Rd, Sanger, California 93657
Friday, 22 November 2019

Come join us for an Israeli dance camp and wine tasting adventure!

Registration will be open soon, and will be accessible via the camp website,

Aside from a signature wine tasting event, Nirkoda Ba'Kerem features a talented and fun-loving staff:

* Yaron Malihi has choreographed a plethora of amazing dances like Al Tishali, Hayom Haba, Malkat Ha'chatunot, Bein Arbayim, Chatan Bar Mitzvah, and many more. Plus, he fills any room with his infectious energy!
* Mitch Ginsburgh is well known for his clear teaching style and thoughtful selection of dances. He is also incredibly creative in his own right, with dances like Op, Baba Kosmi, Vilna Ga'on, Ansi Dize La Novia, and Shenazuz.
* Latishya Steele (Programmer/DJ) boasts an incredibly deep repertoire, and has programmed in the Bay Area, Boston, and Chicago. She'll be keeping you dancing way past your bedtime!
* Aaron Alpert (camp director) has been dancing since he was born! He teaches, DJs, runs the monthly Nirkoda session, organizes workshops, and now, a camp. Find out what great surprises he has planned for this weekend!

More information is coming soon, but if you have any immediate questions, email

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